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Manufacturer: HK HGHKITS CO., LTD

Other Name : Testosterone 4-Methylvalerate; Test Isocaproate

Powder Purity : 98.5%+

Half Life : Active half-life 7-9 days

Dosage : Around 100mg-300mg/week

Testosterone Isocaproate is very rarely found as a single ester based testosterone compound and in most all cases part of testosterone mixtures.Regardless of the attached ester, all testosterones will produce similar effects. Testosterone Isocaproate will increase protein synthesis, reduce cortisol, increase recovery abilities, aid in increasing strength and mass & also for Hormone replacement therapy.

The benefits of Isocaproate based compounds like Omnadren and Sustanon-250 can be broken down into two generalized categories; the benefits obtained by the traits above and what this type of compound provides in comparison to a single ester form. As discussed early on, the benefit of a testosterone mixture is to provide the best of both worlds in a small and large ester sense, and this provides both a fast acting testosterone with long lasting effects in an overall duration sense. That may sound overly simplified, but there’s really nothing more to it than that. Then we have the actual benefits based on the traits above, and as Omnadren and Sustanon-250 are almost strictly used for performance we’re only going to focus on the benefits in that light.

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