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Official Distributor: HK HGHKITS CO., LTD

Product Name:  Kigtropin HGH

Specification:  10IU/vial, 10vials/box, 100IU/box 

Top Color:  Blue Top  

Half-life:  Around 2.5 Days  

Amino Acid: 191aa (Amino Acid)


Getting rid of wrinkles easily

Gaining muscle and losing weight simultaneously

 Cutting out the fat layers in the body

 Increasing bone density effectively

 Recovering from injuries fast

 Improvement in energy/stamina

 Healthy sleeping pattern

 Improved memory/concentration/alertness

 An altogether sense of well-being

Dosage: 4-7iu per day.  You must use within 72 hours once it dilute with sterile water. You can use even after 10 days or more if you dilute with bacteriostatic water.

Dosage Precaution: Keep a record of doses. If you are diabetic or using insulin or any other diabetic, sugar lowering medicine you should monitor your blood glucose closely because growth hormone may change your   body response to insulin.

Side Effects: Kigtropin does not have side effects in most people. Most side effects will stop with continued usage or by lowering the dose. Common side effects are pain in joints, this is due to water which may be pushing nerves. If pain doesn't stop consider lowering the dosage, talk with your doctor. Do not use the drug if you are a  llergic to any of it's components. Please tell your doctor if you have any other symptoms at once.

Storage:  Keep at 2-8C. Don't freeze, can stay for a month in normal room temperature. Keep away from direct light. After dilution it must be refrigerated.

Kigtropin HGH is a highly effective bodybuilding and strength enhancing supplement. Most often Kigtropin is used in cycles. It may be three months on and then off for one month. It is usually injected daily using 4 to 5 IUs/injection. Most users experience increased muscle density and muscle mass and an increase in energy. In addition, HGH users do not experience the increased aggression that is normally induced by anabolic steroid use. Kigtropin can also significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to recover from injuries such as muscles or tendon tears. Most physicians will tell you that HGH certainly has some therapeutic benefits.

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