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Official Distributor: HK HGHKITS CO., LTD

Brand Name: CentrinoLab

Specification: 250MG*10ML/VIAL

Main Ingredients: Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone is a king of all steroids. Great price/effect ratio makes testosterone unbeatable by other gear. It`s virtually impossible to find serious bodybuilder, which does not use testosterone in his pre-season stacks. This is one of the best products for mass-gain. when you take testosterone your existing muscle cells are growing by themselves and also they are producing new cells, which results in substantial muscle gains and increase in power. New muscle fibers normally appear when high dosages used. Besides this, there are also many other positive factors (general feeling of well-being, improved immune system, increased libido, etc.), as well as side effects, which we should consider.


Common length of testosterone enanthate cycles is 8-10 weeks, sometimes 12 weeks.

A popular "mass" stack is 500 mg of testosterone enanthate / week + 400 mg of nandrolone decanoate (deca-duraboline) / week and strong PCT - you need anti-estrogen during and after cycle and you need to boost natural production afterwards.

For those who are looking for milder bulking stack - the same testosterone dosage in combination with primobolan 400-600 mg/week is an option. It makes cycle much safer although gains will be also lower because primobolan has lower anabolic properties comparing to deca, it`s main advantage is non-aromatization. As we already mentioned low estrogen level leads to lower mass gains although the gains you receive will be more lean and dry. Another disadvantage is high price of primobolan. PCT and anti-estrogen are still needed as always with testosterone.

Third option is testosterone enanthate with boldenone (equipoise) 200-400 mg/week, which is stronger than deca (nandrolone) and has lower side-effects. This is still bulking stack, however, boldenone provides more lean and dry mass gains, which is similar to positive effects of primobolan, although much stronger. Furthermore, boldenone promotes appetite, which is often suppressed by usage of testosterone thus making your nutrition more effective.

As it was mentioned before, you can stack testosterone virtually with everything, but nandrolone, primobolan and boldenone are the best options for bulking cycles.

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